5 Logo Design Tips from Design Experts

Logo design is easy, right? But I’d suggest you think again. There are a Billion people in the logo design industry today making out a plethora of cliché logos for crowdsourcing sites. How do you stand out of the crowd and deliver eye-catching logos that anyone would love to appreciate? Read further to find out.

Whether you are about to embark on your journey towards the logo designing process or thinking to uplift your company’s identity to undergo a visual overhaul, our team of highly qualified designers has done an extensive analysis to provide tips on crafting a dominating logo.

1. Analyse Your Competition And Be Unique

The big question you may ask yourself while critiquing logos is “What is it, our competitor is doing?”. It takes a lot of thinking and research to craft a logo that is unique and dominating, all those big established brands have skilled this process.

Keeping track of your competitors as a set of checks and balances can help you decide what is better for you, and save bundles of time and energy in the process.

It is beyond doubt that certain symbols define individual businesses or products. For instance, have you come across any pizza places with a logo that has a chef with a mustache and a tall white cap, sometimes holding an enormously huge pizza? Precisely, this is what represents who you are, yet it should distinguish you from others.

In many scenarios, the best form of flattery is imitation – but not with logo design trends. At the end of the day, “what matters the most is to think and create something out-of-the-box”. Though some say it’s almost impossible to say that what you crafted is original, it should be the primary aim. Keep in mind, from all those logo designing costs that you take into account, plagiarism will cost you more than any of those costs. Designers who want to check the originality of their design can check for plagiarism on sites such as copytrack. A good logo must be filled with enough courage to be unique on its own.

2. Knowing Brand Aspirations

Although a logo is simply an image, it doesn’t end there, It’s a representation of the brand. For all those looking for, logo design tips for beginners, this is what you need to focus on. While designing a logo you must keep in mind that it will approach a targeted audience. So, it would be a good idea to write down your thoughts about the brand, create a mood board with imagery that would remind you of the brand’s vision and mission, and brainstorm and reiterate until you have a clear picture in your mind before you start.

Is the brand driven by utility or is it focused on evoking emotions? Does it have a modern or offbeat attire? What customers care for and what are the brand’s aspirations? While staying up to date on logo design ideas, what matters the most is to stay true to the brand’s overarching image.

It blows your client’s mind when you paint them a logo that maps the idea and values of their unique business, and they will fall in love with what you did. Far beyond the reach of a simple circle with a business name inside, Every logo has a story filled with meaning and purpose within.

3. Pop-Out With Colors

Members of human race love color! In kindergarten, everyone wanted to get the biggest box of crayons and colored pencils. The obsession doesn’t fade away as time passes, either.

Choosing the right color palette is the most significant component of logo designing. The colors used in a design can set a mood or get back home with a thought. Colors are symbols of emotions and play a vital role in conveying the message you want to portray in your logo. Besides, colors add brilliance to everyday things.

Have you ever paid a visit to Times Square in New York? You’ll see a sonic overload of business logos competing for your attention. Some use hues that are quiet but eye-catching, while others shout-out for attention.

What do specific colors say, and how have famous brands used them to their benefits?

The Essence of Yellow

Qualities: Energy, Youth, Ideas, Academic, Confidence, Design

Best For: Entertainment, Signs & Banners, e-commerce, Food & Drink, Child Care, Automotive, Academic Institutions

The Essence of Yellow

Qualities: Energy, Youth, Ideas, Academic, Confidence, Design

Best For: Entertainment, Signs & Banners, e-commerce, Food & Drink, Child Care, Automotive, Academic Institutions

The Luxury of Black

Qualities: Strength, Power, Authority, Elegance, Precise, Definite

Best For: Construction, Fashion, Cosmetics, Mining, Marketing, Financial, Corporate, Manufacturing

The Serenity of Blue

Qualities: Power, like, Credibility, Medical, Clean, Focused, Professional, Business Judicial, Calming

Best For: Health Care, Legal, Information Technology, Scientific, Recruitment, Medical, Government, High-Tech, Dental, Utilities, Corporate, Tradesmen

The Royalty of Purple

Qualities: Religiousness, Mysterious, Well Being, Loving, Sensual, Evocative, Spiritual, Arcane, Occult, Magical,

Best For: Body, Mind & Soul, Astrology, Tarot, Aromatherapy, Massage, Yoga, Healing, Arcane, Spiritual, Occult

The Energy of Orange

Qualities: Energetic, Dynamic, Youthfulness, Creative, Innocence, Fruitful, Expressive, Enthusiasm, Child-Like

Best For: Recruitment, Food & Drink, Entertainment, Education, Sports, Human Resources, Childcare

The Reliability of Brown

Qualities: Conservative, Reliable, Steady, Retrospect, Tradition, Financial, Safe, Historical, Nurturing, Earthly

Best For: Ecology, Construction, Mining, Finance, Veterinary, Real Estate, Animals

The Passion of Red

Qualities: Hunger, Excitement, Urgency, Danger, Romantic, Fast, Sexy, Warm

Best For: Emergency Services, Hospitality, Advertising, Real Estate, Entertainment, Health Care, Clothing, Fashion, Food, Sports, Apparel Cosmetics 

The Simplicity of White

Qualities: Spacious, Simple, Fresh, Easy, Purity, Clear, Clean, Clinical, Medical

Best For: Medicine, Science, High-Tech, Dental

While creating a logo, make sure you do not clash with colors because it won’t impress people. You need to be sure enough that the colors work well together to impose a pleasing experience on viewers. It makes your logo look clean and balanced when colors work for each other

4. Choosing Right Fonts

Are you thinking of what logo designing fonts to choose? Should I choose some trendy fonts? Actually, go for exactly the opposite because something popular today may be faded away tomorrow. Yes, a logo with a simple and clean font is easier to place across different products. Keep in mind that you may need to expand or shrink it. Also, be advised that your logo should look appealing on any surface, may it be a large banner, a pencil, or advertising materials.

Use fonts that make your logo easily recognizable and memorable. Look out for fonts that suit best to your client’s business. Every business relies on individual values that are conveyed via vivid fonts. A restaurant and an automotive manufacturer will not have similar logos right? Hence, take into consideration the type of product or service your client’s business offer, pin down their target audience, and list out which of the business attributes you’d like to draw attention to.

Choose one font (max two) of your best choice. More fonts tend to trigger distrust among prospective clients. If you want your logo to prosper your client’s business for upcoming years, do not let volatile trends play a trick on you. Pick a font that reflects business values and characteristics.

5. Don’t Hesitate to Tweak the Wheel

Let’s take Pepsi for example. It has been around for more than a century now as a brand. The most recent Pepsi logo we remember is tremendously different from how it was when started. This transformation process from then to now was gradual and took years. The reason is, Pepsi was continuously engaged in building its brand and was not trading its old brand for the new and polished one.

Apart from that, a dramatic reformation would have been ambiguous for its customers. People might not have known the Pepsi brand and product as easily, in shops or advertisements.


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